Eagle Security, Inc. prides itself in hiring, training, and supporting our team of professional security guards. Our hiring process, training programs, and continued support system set us apart from others in our industry. It is a recognized fact that training is a vital determinate in ensuring effective job performance. Therefore, training has always been  of top concern and highest priority for Eagle Security, Inc. A large portion of corporate resources is spent in providing continuous training for Eagle Security, Inc. employees.

Basic unarmed and armed security officer training

Classroom Training Sessions

Eagle Security, Inc. has classroom, video, and on the job training programs which enable us to meet our performance standards. This classroom training session consists of an 8-hour Initial/Basic training from a Certified Trainer which meets the Alabama Security Regulatory Board training minimum.

Firing Range Training Sessions

Eagle Security, Inc. requires all armed security guard personnel to complete a minimum of 4 hours of initial Armed Security Officers training from a Certified Trainer. Our trainer is a NRA certified Firearms Instructor. This training meets the Alabama Security Regulatory Board training minimum.

Training Conducted by Executives and Managers

Company managers and executive conduct in-house training. Every applicant is required to attend and successfully complete the training program prior to job assignment.


  • Administrative and Security Orientation\Legal Authority of the Security Officer
  • Self-defense
  • Company Policies and Procedures
  • Public Relations
  • Method of Patrol
  • First Aid
  • Communications
  • Fire Prevention/Suppression Techniques
  • Uniform and Equipment
  • Firearms Safety Training
  • Firearms Certification

Custom Client Training

 Because every client site is different and has its own unique security concerns, Eagle Security, Inc. is fully prepared to develop custom classes for client personnel that address these specific issues. Our staff will collaboratively evaluate and propose individualized training to address unique security related concerns and then, with joint approval, teach these classes to appropriate client staff.