Our technique

Leadership / Management

Eagle Security, Inc. is committed to the advantages of a local management team. Our mission is to bring a superior level of quality uniformed security service to local communities. Our clients are assured their needs will be met in the most efficient, cost-effective manner available without cutting corners or jeopardizing quality of service.

Quality Assurance / 24 Hour Operations

Every account is supervised by an Account Manager who serves as a single point-of-contact and personally handles every security concern. Every client receives personal one-on-one attention from management.

Mission Statement

The Eagle Security, Inc. organization is a team, with every person in the company a player, expected and needed to perform to their fullest capacity. Eagle Security, Inc.'s objective is to make a fair profit, achieve sales and budgeting goals, while remaining at the same time, committed to quality service and strengthening the connection between it's employees and the clients.

Capability Statement

Eagle Security, Inc. has grown to the extent where it can compete successfully for a contract of any size. A smaller company would note have the flexibility, quality of training and ability to offer such a wide range of services. The national companies tend to be less efficient and do not have the responsiveness and commitment as our locally owned company. We offer the best of both worlds.

Eagle Security, Inc., The Industry Leader

Eagle Security, Inc. is recognized as an industry leader, evidenced by our commitment to provide our clients with twenty-four hour LIVE Dispatch as compared to industry standards which use voice mail, answering service, or out of state control centers.

Eagle Security, Inc.

Eagle Security, Inc. is staffed 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week with professional dispatchers to provide immediate response to any potential needs of a client. Dispatchers are trained with a personal knowledge of each account and have ready communication with all Account Managers, Site Management, and Field Officers.

Field Officers, familiar with every security post, are scheduled 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to provide supervision and on-site training to Security Officers. Field Officers conduct random inspections of security posts to ensure security personnel assigned are competent in performing their duties and are in proper uniform.